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Keynote speakers

Conchi Ania
Oviedo (Spain)
A glance at the photochemical response of nanoporous carbons for the conversion of light into chemical reactions

Teresa Bandosz
The City College of New York (USA)
Nanoporous carbons as toxic gas sensors: Effect of surface features on sensing mechanism

De Chen
Trondheim (Norway)
How to make carbon supports more versatile in catalysis

Michael Giersig
Freie University Berlin (Germany)
Carbon-based nanostructures and their potential applications in photovoltaics

Yury Gogotsi
Drexel University (USA)
Incorporation of Carbon Materials into Energy Storing Textiles

Stefan Kaskel
Dresden (Germany)
Hierarchical porous carbon materials for Supercapacitors and Lithium Sulfur Batteries

Yoong Ahm Kim
Chonnam National University (Korea)
Substitutionally Boron-Doped Single-Layer Graphene

Roland Pellenq
MIT Boston (USA)
Adsorption and flow properties of multi-scale disordered porous carbons: application to shale-rock research

Jacek Przepiorski
West Pomeranian University of Technology (Poland)
Removal of gaseous pollutants from air using hybrid sorbent materials

Marappa Rajendran
Zapgocharger Ltd Oxford (UK)
Towards higher voltage supercapacitors for consumer electronics

Dangsheng Su
Institute of Metal Research (China)
Carbon catalysts for liquid phase reactions


Invited speakers

Cristian I Contescu
Oak Ridge National Laboratory (USA)
Graphite for Clean Nuclear Energy

Andrzej Czerwiński
Warsaw University (Poland)
Porous Glassy Carbon as Electrode Material Matrix

Jacek Jagiello
Micromeritics Instrument Corporation (USA)
Comprehensive Characterization of Carbon Pore Structure Using Combined Adsorption Data of N2, Ar and CO2 Analyzed by 2D-NLDFT Models

Peter Lodewyckx
Royal Military Academy (Brussels)
Advanced characterization of activated carbons by means of water vapour sorption coupled with n-octane preadsorption

Sergey Mikhalovsky
University of Brighton (UK)
Carbon-Polymer Composites for Medical Applications

Juan M. D. Tascón
INCAR-CSIC, Oviedo (Spain)
Activated Carbon Xerogels Derived from Glucose-Graphene Oxide Hybrids and their Performance Toward Carbon Dioxide and Dye Adsorption